The key for building an elevated style is recognizing your body shape. Clothes that suit your body type will have you looking fashionable at all terms. Shopping for your particular body shape will enhance your style, plus resolve many shopping frustrations.




Hourglass Shape: Define waist, Proportionate in the bust and hips.
Inverted Triangle Shape: Widest in the shoulders with a fuller bust, small waist and hips.
Rectangular Shape: Smallest curve, related size of the bust, waist and hips.
Pear Shape: Broadest parts are the hips and thighs. Tiniest parts are the shoulders, waistline and bust.
Apple Shape: Largest in the middle, slender legs including arms. A larger frame on top and wide shoulders.

The most popular body type is the pear shape. Many females tend to fit in one or two group, which is to the fact that our bodies are still evolving, fromĀ ageing, pregnancy and lifestyle.

Suppose you now have some understanding concerning these distinct type of body shapes. Moreover, now you are ready to create your statement style

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